Sharpening & Grinding service

(Wood & Cabinet Shops)

Carbide and Steel Tooth Saw Blade,

Carbide & Steel Dado Sets,   Carbide Router bits,

Shaper Cutters,   Corrugated Knives,

Knives for Planners and Jointers,

Shear Knives and Bed Knives,

Drill Bits - Brad Point and V Point,

Wood Chisels,   Hand Saw, & Back Saws

Hand Plane,   Draw Knives,


(Plumbers & Electricians)

Self- Feeding Bits,   Auger Bits,   Spade Bits,

Carbide Hole Cutters,   Core Bits,   Carbide Mason Bits,

Hole Hawg Cutters & Hole Saws


(Lawn & Garden Tools)

Elect. Hedge Trimmer,   Gas Hedge Trimmer,

Chain Saw Blades,   Lawn Mower Blades,   Hand Loppers,

Tree Pruners,   Pruning Saws,   Shovel & Hoe


(Kitchen, Restaurants & Butcher)

Knives, and Slicers of any Size Circular Knife Blades.


(Machine Shops)

End Mill,   Drill Bits Fein Multi Blades,   Colds Saws &

HSS Fine Tooth Blades.



Slab Mill Cutters,   Key Cutting Blades,   Ice Auger Blades,

Scissors,   Industrial Scissors,   Carpet Cutting Blades.


(Paper Cutting Products)

Paper Cutting Knife Blades,   Hole Punch Pins,   Paper Cutters


(Animal Grooming)

Pet Grooming Blades and Shears,

Clipper and Dryer Repair.


(Barber & Hair Salon)

Hair Scissors,   Thinners & Clipper Blades

Dryer & Clipper Repair


(Repair Services)

Small Engine Power Tool and Appliance Repair,


Carbide Re-Tipping for Saw Blades and Specialty Tools,

Full Machine Shop for Custom Work.

OD & ID Grinding Shop

Custom Made Band Saw Blades